Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The new fridge is in!

Whooo hooo, it's time to have a party! Hubby used a planer and sander to remove that pesky 3/4" from the side of the upper and lower cabinets and the refrigerator is finally in it's new home! The perseverance paid off. Well, perseverance and a comment from our son about Mom's new refrigerator and funny how now Mom will get her new cabinets too. That one spurred him on! ☺

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good bye old fridge and UH OH!

A couple of weeks ago, our Maytag refrigerator began gasping and warming. It was time to either call the repair folks or buy a new refrigerator. (I was pushing for the new fridge...) After a couple of days of dragging our feet, the problem hadn't improved and we decided to shop seriously for a new one. (We'd already shopped a few times when nothing was wrong with the old one and had found the perfect model.) So off we went in pursuit of the best of deal.

Long story short, we found the desired LG refrigerator model at Sears and it could be delivered in a few days but hubby wanted to check out Home Depot to see if they could beat the delivery date. They couldn't, so back to Sears we went. Then the bad news came. Someone bought the last LG refrigerator with the earlier delivery date while we ran around and we would have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery, BUT they would also match Home Depots better price. We decided to go for it and wait, lost the food in the fridge and freezer and have eaten a lot of take out.

Yesterday was our delivery date between 4 and 6 pm. The new bright and shiny model was brought in, the water line was connected and they tried to slide it into the space and UH OH! It's too wide... We had measured every which way that we could think of BUT hubby didn't pull the old one out before we measured - we just measured around it. It's hitting the tile on the counter and we need to lose about 3/4". This is not a good thing. It's in the middle of the floor and we have a very small kitchen. Hubby drilled away the grout and cut the tile today and it's still too tight. Now we also have a new scratch on the side. There's not enough space to move the offending little cabinet over, and I'm all for removing it but then we'd have an untiled space on the floor. We'll see if a planer works on the cabinet tomorrow.

Oh yeah, we're still eating take out! Too much dust to turn on the new fridge...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Chief, Bailey and Roxy are waiting for Dad to come inside. ☺

Thank you my friends! You're all the best for leaving those sweet comments and waiting so patiently for me to return. I've been MIA from blogging with a bad case of blogger's block. But you know I need my daily blogging fix and of course I just had to drop by to visit your blogs. I was also hanging out on Face Book, very busily farming on Farm Town, as well as decorating and baking on YoVille.

I'll have some fall pictures to share with you this week and they include lots of pumpkins!


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