Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've finally been bitten by the Halloween decorating bug!

My daughter-in-law & I went to Joann's Fabrics & were bitten by the Halloween decorating bug! We loaded up in the store, then rushed home to find places for our treasures. Well, it was mostly finding new treasures for my darling DIL since I have quite a few containers full of treasures, but it was fun non the less. It did inspire me to finally open up the containers & pull out this years decorating winners. (I really need to downsize my decorations but that's another blog! I sent a couple of armfuls of treasures home with my DIL.)

I mixed scarecrows with Halloween witches & ghosts this year. That way I just have to replace witches & ghosts with turkeys for Thanksgiving. They're whimsical & they make me smile, I hope they do you as well.

My favorite soft sculpture witch dolls...

Two of my favorite scarecrow dolls...

Views of the living & dining rooms.

Bailey & Chief tired of giving directions. (Murphy was exhausted by the whole process & didn't understand why we needed to go up & down the stairs so many times carrying all this silly stuff. )

Bailey & Chief were still giving instructions from the landing.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Now if we could just make a decision on a paint color, then the new drapes could be hung & I'd be a really happer camper!

Have a great day!


Lynne said...

I was bitten by the fall bug a couple of weeks ago.. and have to constantly slap my hands so I won't buy I've taken pictures and hope to post as soon as RMS gets it's act together..I love your constant companions and
hugs ~lynne~

Bella Casa said...

I'm so glad you found me through Gollum's blog site. Isn't she terrific?

I love your home, so much character with the wood floors and that landing.

What color are you wanting to go with? There are 2 colors I really like in my house: Ralph Lauren Chamois (in my Family Room, you can see it on my blog), it's a very warm yellow tone, I have it in my FR that has alot of brick and wood in it, and it really makes the brick pop :)

The other color I like in my home is Outback by Behr. It is a creamy toned light green, like a light green with a yellow undertone. It is really versatile, will look great with reds, but really would work with anything.

Now...if I could only find a color for my kitchen, lol :) I want an apple green, but just not sure yet how apple-y green I want to go ;)

I love your Halloween decor, they look so happy together and your dogs are a hoot ;)

Nice to meet you,

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Love all your fall decor, Diane! I feel like such a slacker!!! I stuck some pumpkins out front and a scarecrow that I noticed today was leaning when I pulled into the driveway...pitiful! :-) If I weren't going out of town I'd attempt to do better after seeing all these decorations! Susan

Kristens Creations said...

I'm glad you stopped by today! Your halloween decorations look great! I love Joanne's they have great stuff. Thanks for your nice comments I really appreciate them! Kristen

Kat said...

How festive! Thank you for stopping in to see me. Ive added you to my blog list so I can keep up here.
You are use 00 steel wool to sand between coats of the polyshades.

tardevil said...

Enjoyed your fall photos. Saw your comments on Santa's site regarding being adopted. My cousin's husband is adopted, and I saw a guy in the mall one time that looked just like him....and I wondered if they were brothers. Do you ever see people and wonder if you're related to them, but don't know it? Then, I have relatives who I KNOW I'm related to, and I may as well not be no more than we've ever spent time in the end, I guess it all works out. Hmmmm...

nikkicrumpet said...

Great fall decor...looks like the dogs were a big help! Your house looks beautiful.

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