Monday, October 20, 2008

This one's for Kat - paint color woes part 2

Yikes - more paint chips!

Kat at Kats Whimsy,, very graciously posted one of her rooms painted with Waverly's Soft Camel so I could check out the paint color. The pictures show a beautiful warm color. She also suggested Laura Ashley Gold colors which range from 1, an almost white shade to 6, a very dark gold color. I just had to make a trip to Lowe's for paint chips. While I was there, I just happened to pick up a "few" other paint chips to add to the wall.

I've taped all the little paint chips to the dining room wall and here's the YIKES part! It's down right mind boggling to look at all those little paint chips. We usually have the drapes closed downstairs so the fur babies don't bark at every person, car, or leaf blowing down the street and it's kind of dark, so DH thinks the deeper colors are too dark. I even held Chief up to the paint chips, he's a lovey warm beige color and tried to match him to a paint chip. Well, I actually held him up to the wall, then held the appropriate paint chips next to him. Valspar Martha Stewart Sesame Tahini is a close match to Chief's fur.

The funniest part of this is the color my DH likes. It's Valspar Basket and very similar to Quiche Lorraine in the guest bedroom. He disagrees. I taped it to the wall to show him, it's close, he still disagrees. I give up!

I'm going to Lowe's to buy a quart each of Sesame Tahini, Basket, and Soft Camel then to Home Depot for a gallon of Behr's Creamy White for the baseboards and moldings. We'll see how the colors look actually painted on the wall.

Wish me luck!



Kat said...

Oh Diane, I feel your pain. lol! I know you will eventually find that perfect color. I hope its the very next one you try. Wouldnt that be grand! I cant wait for your next show and tell. Im keeping my fingers crossed that you find a winner this round.

Kat said...

Diane ...its me again! lol! I have to tell you I got tagged and Im spreading it around. Youre it! If you would like to play come to my blog for the rules.

Buffie said...

lOL! Using the puppy to find the right paint color? LOL!!! I love it! It's hard to pick paint colors from those little chips...they need to be at least 6 " square to really see! Oh well please let us know which you pick!
Buffie " )

salmagundi said...

For me, picking a paint color is very hard. I think you are wise to buy a quart of your favorites to try for a bigger swatch. Good Luck!!! Sally

Happy To Be said...

Diane thanks girl for coming by...and I see your from the bay area..I use to live in Fremont and now live in sierra foothills..girl you had me laughing about your collections as I do the same thing...Now I never got into the Deanie Beanie thing but the Dolls oh good lord girl I have so many packed away and then I started collecting anything with Princess Diana,,does it ever stop?? I too have containers and have ran out of room for even are too funny.. thanks again...hugs and smiles Gloria

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