Thursday, March 12, 2009

Potlucks and Tablescapes!

I'm combining a St Patrick's Day Tablescape Thursday with Foodie Friday this week.

Please visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for the list of other Tablescape Thursday participants.

I started with a green tablecloth, then layered a crocheted tablecloth over it. I bet you've already guessed that I would use green and white Spode Botanical plates for a St Paddy's Day tablescape! Pressed glass sunflower plates are perfect for salad.

One of my favorite mosaic birdhouses with a few little visiting leprechaun's!

Such a sweet plate!

I'm addicted to Spode's Botanical pattern and have the same plates in green, blue and red or cranberry colors. Most were found in TJMaxx, Marshall's or eBay. I bought the green plates from

The Spode Archive Collection
Georgian Series

Can you see the sunflower pressed into the glass plate?

A last look...


Welcome to our early St Patrick's Day Foodie Friday virtual potluck celebration!

Please visit Michael at Design's by Gollum for the list of other Foodie Friday participants.

I thought about potluck recipes for days and suddenly remembered a favorite from many years ago. Do any of you remember Jello Poke Cakes? It was always a family favorite.

The sparkly sugar glitter is pretty cool, huh?!?

Would you like to try a piece of cake?


Jello Poke Cake

1 white cake mix
1 (3 oz.) pkg. Jello
(I used Jello Melon Fusion)
1 c. boiling water

1/2 c. cold water

Cool Whip

Prepare cake as directed in a pan of your choice. (Don't forget you'll be pouring liquid gelatin over the cake later.) Cool pan 15 minutes. Poke cake with fork for small holes, or handle of wooden spoon for larger holes, every 1/2 to 1 inch. Dissolve Jello in boiling water. Add cold water. Spoon over the cake slowly so the Jello mixture soaks into the holes. Chill 3 to 4 hours. Top with Cool Whip.
(Recipe courtesy of




Foley said...

Diane - the Jello Poke Cake brings back alot of memories ! lol The bright green sugar really jazz it up.

I love your tablescape - the glass sunflower dishes are so pretty.. Great post!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Your tablescape is lovely. I really like the spoke, expecially on the white charger. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Tootsie said...

This was wonderful....I need to make that cake!

Nancy Jane said...

Haven't seen that cake in a long time! I love your dishes. Nancy

LdyDy said...

Hi Diane,

I just loved your green plates. What pattern is that if I may ask? I have never had Jello Poke cake, I must try that receipe sometime! Beautiful tablescape and fun Foodie! Huggy Hugs!

Bo said...

Hi Diane...yes, I do remember Jello Poke cake & I remember how delicious it is's been ages since I've made thanks for the reminder...your tablescape looks perfect with it too... ;-) Bo

Martha said...

Love the green and white spode -- versatile but yet so St. Pat's. Yes, I remember poke cake only here they made it in a 9 x 13. In my early married years, someone told me how to make it -- only they didn't explain that you MADE the jello before you poured it over the holes -- we ate the cake anyway!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Diane, how in the world did I miss this yesterday??? I am totally confused(insomnia all week!), but I'm sure glad I made it today! YUM! That cake sounds so delicious! And I like the sparkly, glittery top, particularly in green! This looks like a delicious concoction! And I love your pretty spode plates and St. Paddy's display. The sunflower plate is neat, too. That is the cutest tablescape! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, and I want a piece of that cake, please! Just fork it over... ;-)

Happy FF and St. Paddy's Day!


Sheila :-)

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

What a neat cake recipe. So simple, but must be SO yummy! That green and white plate? OMG, it's gorgeous!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

prof en retraite said...

Oh Diane...Well, you know I love the green Spode...don't know if I have seen it around here! That tablecloth is gorgeous! And the cake looks wonderful...haven't had a poke cake in a long time! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

Kristens Creations said...

yum! The cake looks delicious! I've never heard of jellow poke cake. Your tablescape is really pretty too.

I love Susan's porch, I wish mine could look like hers! The colorful pots are a great idea. I'll look for some! Thanks, Kristen

Smilingsal said...

This is a great way to celebrate the Green Day.

once in a blue moon... said...

beautiful! i LOVE your grn dish in the 3rd shot, i never see enough green for sale!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Diane this cake looks so good!!

I love your setting!

Susan said...

Your table beautiful and your cake looks delicious! Can you tell me anything about the green and white plate? Thanks!

Chandy said...

Such a yummy post! Very yummy! Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!

Susan said...

Beautiful table and yummy looking cake! Happy Foodie Friday! Have a great weekend ~ Susan

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Diane...LOVE your Spode and your sunflower plates! Tablecloth is beautiful, especially with the green underneath...what a great idea! What's the green drink...I may have missed where you said that. Your cake looks totally festive with the sparkles! :-) Susan

Linda said...

Pretty dishes! And that Jello cake is so good because you can make it whatever color you want. Linda

nikkicrumpet said...

The cake looks tasty! And those green botanical plates are simply GORGEOUS!

~♥~ Monica S said...

VEry lovely table scaping here!!! Loved the mix!!! :-)
And that cake looks so good!


Anonymous said...

You table looks beautiful and I remember Jello Poke Cakes. They were so fun!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Diane, I love your tablescape. That birdhouse is so pretty, and the little leprechans look like they belong with it. Your china patterns are beautiful, and that tablecloth is lovely. My computer has been "down", so I'm late getting here. laurie

Mrs. B. Silly said...

What a cute St Paddy's table you have created. I really like the green sugar decor on you jello cake too.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Pretty cake -- I've never done a jello cake -- it's about time I did!

Tomarie said...

The cake is making my mouth water! :-) Your tablescape is so gorgeous...and so whimsical and fun!!! L~

Cathy said...

This is my first time looking at everyone's Tablescapes, and what fun it has been! Your table cloth and plates are so pretty. I never heard of a jello cake, it looks yummy!

Gollum said...

The cake is perfect--I am saving the recipe. But those plates!!!!!
I love them!

DesignTies said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting on my hallway post :-)

I really like your little St. Patrick's Day tablescape. Layering the white crochet tablecloth over the green tablecloth creates a really pretty look. And I like your green & sunflower plates :-)

The green cake looks yummy!! The glittery green sugar is the perfect touch for St. Patrick's Day :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Diane,

Everything looks so pretty on your blog - espeically the green jello cake. wow- the cake brings back memories as my aunt used to make jello cakes for us in North Carolina.

Have a lovley week.

The White Bench said...

Hello Diane!
Thank you for the lovely words you left on my blog... I appreciated them so much!
Your 'green' tablescape is fabulous, and the 'green' cake.... so yummy!!

Melissa Miller said...

~Beautiful table Diane!

I have never seen a Green cake.
That is cool.

Happy St Pat's Day! :)

Leigh of said...

GREAT JOB! That cake looks yummy!
I love all of your "paws"! We have five dogs...and I couldnt imagine life without them. They bring so much to our family of five. Unconditional love. Puppy love, aint it grand?
Thanks for stopping by to visit me today at Bloggeritaville. I love new friends!
Tales From Bloggeritaville

Michelle said...

I have to say I've never had a Jell-O Poke Cake. Sounds good and this one looks great for St. Patrick's Day! I just LOVE your flatware. :)

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