Wednesday, January 14, 2009

25 Ways To Improve Your Health

A friend knows all about my love of animals and forwarded an adorable e-mail to me. All of these little fur babies are just too cute. Since we can always use an awww moment in our busy lives that makes us smile, I'm sharing it with you!

1. Brush twice a day!

2. Dress right for the weather.
3. Visit the dentist regularly.
4. Get plenty of rest.
5. Make sure your hair is dry before going outside.
6. Eat right.
7. Get outside in the sun every once in awhile.
8. Always wear a seatbelt.
9. Control your drinking of alcoholic beverages.
10. Smile! It will make you feel better.
11. Don't over indulge yourself.
12. Bathe regularly.
13. Read to exercise the brain.
14. Surround yourself with friends.
15. Stay away from too much caffeine.
16. Use the bathroom regularly.
17. Get plenty of exercise.
18. Have your eyes checked regularly.
19. Eat plenty of vegetables.
(This one looks so much like my son's dwarf Netherland bunny. Thumper, have you been modeling and not telling us?)
20. Believe that people will like you for who you are.
21. Forgive and forget.
22. Take plenty of vacations.
23. Celebrate all special occasions.
24. Pick up a hobby.25. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Don't you feel better now?



Kristens Creations said...

What a cute post! That rabbit is was so funny.....and the cat in the sink! LOL! I do feel better! Kristen

prof en retraite said...

Oh how cute! The "dentist" looks like my granddog Paco. The piano-playing cat actually does play. That's Nora. Have you seen her?
It's amazing! Thanks for sharing...Debbie

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

omg, Im cracking up! How cute! Thanks for the smiles!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such sweet comments too !!....and yes, I have done it to larger lamp shades also, just cut a templet from the shade you want to use and you should be fine!

Enjoy! and have a great week! hugs, Cynthia

santamaker said...

Loved these...especially the little yorkies! Bailey is such a cutie!
Stay warm!

Bo said...

Well, yes I do feel better now after having a few giggles! ;-) Bo

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Diane, this was just too darn cute, and sooo needed this morning...hugs ~lynne~

Linda said...

So darn how do I get my little kitty to perform some of these stunts? She hates to have her teeth of these days I am sure she will take off a finger!

Melissa Miller said...

Now this definitly made my day!
Thanks Diane! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh just too cute pictures. Isn't that little guy cute napping as he's seatbelted in for a drive..napping as all good babies do. Cute little cuddly pets...
thank you for sharing. I love looking at pics of animals.
have a nice day

ann said...

these are truly so very precious.Thanks for sharing.I had not seen these.Ann

~♥~ Monica S said...

I do feel better! :-) Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Diane, :)
You dropped off my Followers list today!
I know Blogger has been having some glitches lately I just thought I would check in with you. You were one of the first to welcome me to Blogland. I'd hate to lose you.
Hope all is well.
~Melissa :)

Diane said...

Don't worry Melissa, I'm still reading everyone's blog! I'm trying to simplify my blog & took off the followers. I use my blog list to catch up with everyone, & I wasn't using the reading list on dashboard. ♥

Anonymous said...

I love all of these. The hamsters exercising and the cute little dog in the seat belt made me smile, let's face it, they all made me smile. Very cute.

Like Melissa, I noticed you disappeared from my followers list. I'm glad everything is OK.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

AWWWW! Those are so cute. Thanks for the smiles. laurie

Dawnie said...

I couldnt stop laughing..i should carry this with me in my car! i cant get enough of animals.

You asked about Scents from my bath bombs-(fizzies), right now I have quite a few. It dosnt take but a day or two to custom make but for now I have Rose, Lavendar, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus and Eucalyptus and Lemon. I will be posting all my Essential Oil Scents within the week. I also will have Lip Balms, Feet fizzes, Body Spritzs and Salt and Sugar Scrubs. I love not using chemicals anymore.

Melissa Miller said...

Hi, Oh good. I'm happy to hear blogger didn't do it with a glitch or something. They really messed up "The Muse's' the other day.

I use my followers list alot to check on blogs. I also sign in to dashboard and check updated posts.
I also use the blog list I have at the bottom of my blog.

This is getting quite addicting to me.
I'm lovin' it though!
~Melissa :)

Charmingdesigns said...

I'm so glad the spoon went to such a nice home. The pictures are sooo cute!! I see you like the same books I do...have you read a good one lately...I'll be going on a trip soon and I like to take a good book. Laurie

prof en retraite said...

Hi Diane...Nora's amazing, isn't she? As for eating and sleeping count as amazing?? Have a great weekend...Debbie

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Dropping by your blog had to be inspired. My kitty posted about the resolutions of a new year.
Your four legged friends were soooo adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Sweet Wishes,

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Diane, Hooray!

I'm glad you're back on my followers list. I really do use that feature daily.

Hope you have a wonderful weeekend.
I'm going to post my first Pink Saturday.

See you then.
~Melissa :)

Bridget said...

This was too cute. I love the adorable animal photos!
Have a wonder weekend and enjoy this lovely weather!
Hugs, Bridget

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Love all the pics! :-)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is too cute!!!

Mimi said...

Each and every one of those photos is just too cute for words. I think the one I like the best is the cat taking a nap on the napping dog!

Anonymous said...

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